WEB Related Achievements
  • WEB-EDI System Construction
A web trading system. On the Web Server the PS-IT used HTML and JAVA, and on the DB Server it used C++.
  • Business Development
An online purchasing system; customers can buy goods and services using the internet.
  • Construction of Electronic Purchase System's Environment
An electronic purchase system's construction.
  • Commercial Web-Site Construction
Develops a member management system when constructing a commercial web-site.
  • Next Generation Internet Trading System
House Searching Internet Trading and supporting system.
  • Web Search-Engine Function's Upgrading and Tests
Tests and upgrades the search-engine . You can install it on Windows platform and Solaris platform.
  • Web Search-Engine's making test plan and test execution
Makes a plan to test, a newly developed search engine.
  • JFA Members Registration System's Construction
JFA Members Registration Management Web System.
This is a vehicle cost price management system in English version facing on Thailand users which functions on the producing prices of vehicle components in various specifications and types.  
  • Advanced WAN Monitoring System
This system collects traffic data from 8 access points and saves them on the server of the monitoring center, then reports of all collected data can be made automatically, and can be accessed from the web browser.
  • SystemWalker/PerfMGR System
SystemWalker/PerfMGR are one of the operations management products. The base system which was built by the global server and the UNIX/NT server, Socially in addition to the routine work in the company, too, there is a big responsibility about the smooth operation. The language : C, C++, JAVA

I-Mode Related Achievements

  • i-mode Contents Development / Server Construction
Construction of a website that can be accessed by an i-mode terminal.
  • Network Album System Design(demo version)
An image file system that supplies storage service for photo images taken from a digital camera, permitting user certification before logging on the system by e-mail.
  • Chinese Input System On Mobile Phone
The system is used to chinese mobile phone for inputting message etc.

DB (Data Base) Related Achievements

  • InterCall Center-DB System Development
A database management system for data management between a SQL Server and a simple Database in XML format.
  • UnPBX System Development
A database system developed of the UnPBX call center package, especially of call center management functions.

Communication Control Related Achievements

  • ATM Network Surveillance System Development
An ATM-IAD Exchange machine that censors through a SNMP Protocol.

 JAVA Related Achievements

  • Development and Construction of Java's Environment
As a part of the job of FBC, such as development with C++ of JAVA plug-in and construction of installation medium and verification of operation on IE and NETSCAPE.
  • JVM Performance Evaluation System
A system that tests the Java Visual Machine's (JVM's) performance (GC Performance, etc) by making a specialized program. .
  • Development of new FJIT compiler
FJAVAC Program compiler converts the FJAVAC Program into a Japanese version, which translates faster than Sun JAVAC.
  • FJIT for Solaris
Do performance improvement, functional addition and the test of the FJIT of Solaris edition.
  • Down Sizing Development
Manages Car CAD Data, FTP Data between the server and client, supports System Concealment and transmits Data when you FTP.
  • GIF-Related Improvement & Transplantation
Calculates Car CAPS System Data, makes Data Graph, calculates CAD System Characteristic, calculates Overlapped Area, supports the Function, makes Characteristic Graph and Area Graphs automatically.
  • English Education System's Construction and Development
An interesting education software for children to study English at Internet with the development tools of JAVA and JSP language and TomCat4.0.1 and Oracle Database.
  • Reserve System
A system can automatically reserve the event, the facility, the meeting place figure and the ticket etc, which used JAVA and Oracle technology.

 GIS Related Achievements

  • PC Navigation System Development
A system based on vehicle mobile software that develops and tests PC navigation using C Language.
  • Development of Vehicle Mobile Java API
A vehicle mobile road navigation device that searches for routes and guides the driver.
  • UI of route calculation system
This system is base on the GIS .It can show the map ,search for the route,and calculate the fee.

 MultiMedia Related Achievements

  • Animation Application Program
Develops an application, which can get frames of animations that hit the search conditions from database, play and edit an animation, and then make new animation files.
  • Voice Related Project
Develops a tool that can test many kinds of discriminating speeds of voice with Softune Workbench.

 Finance Related Achievements

  • The Conservative Program at any time in the next term business system for the Bank.
When the power is shut down from initial GUI, the conservative program is started up, the CE assist functions is applied for writing the information of a terminal to the event log.
  • New Branch Bank System Development
A management system that processes a company's financial reports. It provides two functions,such as analyzes financial information and publications.
  • FACTVIEW Monitor System
A new function for adding design, developmnent and test to the system which monitors how ATM is running in the bank.
  • Library Management System of Certain Bank in Tokyo
A librarian system of a new business store of certain bank in Tokyo, which concluding intensive job, check out/return job etc. In addition, it made the development tool in the necessary time.
 Community Related Achievements
  • Map Ledger System
A management system that provides map searching, viewing and printing, and services the local government.
  • Newspaper Space Disposal System
This Newspaper Space Disposal System is for clients who need to create,edit,add,delete change or overwrite newspaper space, and the result will be stored in the server.Our employee is in charge of the development of a newspaper space system on the client side of the business.
 Notes Related Achievements
  • Damage Compensation Management System
This is a management system created under Notes that improves data calculating and damage compensation treatment in a more efficient way.
  • Correspondence Training Management System
A training application system for company employees using Notes.
 Embbeded System Development
  • Pipeline Welding Data Administration System
In order to connect the two pipelines,We developed the automatic welding system. Operating system is and programming languages are embedded visual and C51.
  • Automatic ticket selling System of XX Subway
Functions of cybernet card and IC card were appended.
  • Teach-programming system of Industrial Robot
In order to tell the industrical robot how to work, the system which can produce the robotic language program automatically was developed. Then we upload the program to the robot controller and let the robot work.
  • Automatic gasoline supply control system in airport
The temperature and pressure and height of Gasoline tank were messured, Automatic gasoline supply control system was developped
 About NetWork Software
  • Strenthen system of WAN spying function
Traffic information were aquired periodly from the spying centers which are spreaded in the whole country. Then show the information in the web pages.
  • The design of network album trying version
This is the storage service of image files. Using the digital camera, we get the images and using the data to sign in.
 Many more
  • Segregate Memory Management
Achievement of JVM internal memory optimized division algorithm.
  • Dependence Relationship Investigation Tool
A tool used in analyzing the relationship between data dependence relationship and control dependence of assemble codes.
  • Optimized Partition Execute Program
Judges the optimized number of memory division blocks.
  • Developing Environment Soft's Test and Maintenance
Provides technical support using VB, VC for customers.
  • Redistribute and Verify Unix-Free Software to 64bit
Redistributes Unix free software to 64bit OS (SUN Solaris7/8, Compaq Tru64 UNIX) and verify the software.
  • Credit Omen Management System
Setting a whole serial of pre-processing to the enterprise code in the Oracle database using VB for a credit management system.
  • Application Development for WelCatCTR700 Serial Products
Application software for Welcat Wireless Laserleader Production Serial with the development environment of C language, which includes the function of barcode data collection and communication at the Ethernet LAN.
  • Hopen OS Chinese Input System On Mobile Phone
Development of mobile phone used Chinese input protocal facing on Chinese market and running on Hopen Operation System.
  • manufacturing management system
Can get routing information from the server based on the user's operation. Then the user can select, modify, make new information or transfer to other applications.
  • Manual of certain production control system explanation book 's Translation
  Translating the user manual of the system which based on the MRP theory, which controls the production flow and the prodction plans.(MRP: Material Requirements Planning)
  • Company's assets manager system
The system was made in Solaris by C language. It includes three sub systems that are manager of Books, manager of CDs and manager of commodities.
  • Product's evaluation test
It includes the list-up of the product's evaluation test item ,the making of the product's evaluation test item, the enforcement of the product's evaluation test, the reports of the product's evaluation test, and etc.
  • Evaluation Test of Installer Software
  It includes the making of the evaluation test item, the enforcement of the evaluation test, the reports of the evaluation test, and etc.
  • Monitoring and Management Station
  (Using to watch, to restrain and to manage a large-scale network) It was expanded to Chinese of many languages version, included the translation of resources, the expansion of the program, the establishment of testing tool, The test of the interface work and so on.
  • News Integrated Broadcast Operation
  Manage the information generated in the report work spot by computer network, and offer comfortable work environment
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